I would recommend in investing in a set of measuring cups, spoons, a measuring jug as well as a set of digital scales. This takes the guess work out of measuring when cooking and is essential when baking. When baking or making dessert recipes there is no room for error. If you don’t have all of this equipment you may need to refer to a chart from time to time. The chart below is an approximate guide for Australian and New Zealand measurements only. US and UK cup and tablespoon measurements are slightly different. When using a fan forced oven a general rule is that you need to reduce your oven by 20 degrees less than what is specified in the recipe as fan forced ovens always run a bit hotter. To get a really accurate temperature it is even worth investing in a small oven thermometer. These are reasonably inexpensive and are great for working out exact temperatures.




1 tsp = 6ml


1 tbsp = 15ml


1/8 cup = 30ml


1/4 cup = 60ml


1/2 cup = 120ml


1 cup = 240ml


Dry ingredients


1 tsp = 5g


1 tbsp = 15g


1oz = 28g


1 cup flour = 150g


1 cup caster sugar = 225g


1 cup icing sugar = 115g


1 cup brown sugar = 175g


1 cup sultanas = 200g




1/8 cup = 30g


1/4 cup = 55g


1/3 cup = 75g


1/2 cup = 115g 


2/3 cup = 150g


3/4 cup = 170g 


1 cup = 225g


Oven temperatures


275°F = 140°C or Gas Mark 1


300°F = 150°C or Gas Mark 2


325°F = 165°C or Gas Mark 3


350°F = 180°C or Gas Mark 4


375°F = 190°F or Gas Mark 5 


400°F = 200°C or Gas Mark 6


425°F = 220°C or Gas Mark 7


450°F = 230°C or Gas Mark 8